Mat Domber Memorial

Mat Domber passed away on September 19, 2012 but he will never be away from our hearts, as well as our ears & our eyes.

His legacy will live forever through his audio & video recordings.
Mat was a true gentle man. His generosity and kindness were his trademark.

He was more than the President & founder of Arbors Records, producer of jazz parties & concerts, co-founder of the Statesmen of Jazz, successful real estate attorney & businessman.
He was a loving husband to his wife & partner, Rachel & a devoted father & family man. He was a trusted & loyal friend to those who worked for and with him-like Claudia Florczyk- and all of those who knew and loved him.
He loved to share his passion- or as we joked- (Obsession) for jazz. His bottom line was never measured in dollars or profit rather, it was honor and character and always humor.  He was a giver and a sharer.

I may never come to grips with his passing because he was and remains a big and important part of me. 

Fortunately I have the complete video collection of all his jazz parties and much more. He shared his private audio and video collection with me and he wanted me to help preserve this collection of ours. Our collections will be incorporated into the Wolff  Jazz Institute at Harris-Stowe State University, the only Black Historical University in the St. Louis, Mo. area. The digitization process has already begun and HECTV has and will continue to assist. Clips from the parties are already being incorporated in our I Love Jazz TV show in our Jazz Gems feature. All current and past shows are there for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

Each year we produced a video for his jazz parties and this year was no exception. We began to work on this project following last year's party while undergoing challenging circumstances and it was completed in early August. As always Mat shared his thoughts and desires. He wanted to honor once again those musicians from March Of Jazz party years with a video clip from each year that featuered them. He looked forward to seeing this collection but sadly he never had that opportunity. So, in the Domber tradition, with the consent of Rachel & Jeff, we share this video with you here on and you-tube- on Mrdonwolff for all partygoers & jazz fans alike.

The video will be posted in segments starting with the 1st MOJ party in 1994, even though the quality was not the best in the early years. Each week I hope to feature the succeeding years segment. 

The first segment (on youtube) was from the 1st year March Of Jazz party, March 11,1994 in St. Petersburg, Fl. honored Bob Haggart & Mat wanted a vide of Bob,Yank,Rick,Kenny,Bob,Dan,Jake,George & Ralph included even though the quality was lacking.

If I had known then what I know now I would have featured more of Mat, but for him, it was never about him, instead it was all about the music & the musicians, he & we love.
We both took advantage of the time we had this past year to many times tell each other "I Love You", for which I am ever grateful.

Mat-Thanks for the memories-we all love you.
As Duke Ellington used to say--"Jazz is a feeling---music will always bring you peace & love"
I do wish you all love & I do wish you all peace.

I'm Don Wolff and I Love Jazz.