Natalie Cressman Interview

Natalie Cressman (Link to Interview) is a beautiful, young & talented singer, trombonist & composer. Her debut release is Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden UNFOLDING. Natalie plays in a variety of musical styles & her versatility  for her new music results in diverse musical pleasure. She is a great improviser & she brings youth & excitement to to the music scene for young & old alike. Wait till you hear her rendition of honeysuckle rose. Fats would have loved it & so do we. Jazz is alive & well & Natalie Cressman is proof thereof.
Don Wolff
I Love Jazz
LoudCity & HECTV

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Mary Bogue Interview

Mary Bogue's debut release is "Don't Go To Strangers" & after you listen to it & her-she will no longer be a stranger. Her unique style comes from her heart & soul to yours. Each song has a story & she tells a few of them in this interview.

Mary says " Once you share a dream, you're no longer strangers-only like-spirited souls who have yet to meet."

So come along with me & meet MARY BOGUE.


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Ellen Kaye Interview !


Our 1st interview in some time features talented, lovely, exciting, & so much fun to listen to on her CDs & here--Ellen Kaye.

Ellen's new release is a big hit on the national charts & for good reason.

You will enjoy 3AM the dogs, the milkman & me for many reasons. Not the least is her beautiful voice & sensitive delivery-her choice of eclectic material-& you can't help but have fun & enjoy Ellen as she shares her humor & enjoyment in what she does.

Ellen Kaye is "delicious"!

Listen & learn for yourself!

Ellen Kaye Interview

Interview with Carol Welsman on this Thanksgiving Eve

Hope all of you are enjoying the runup to Thanksgiving!

Today I had the great pleasure to share a few moments with Carol Weisman, who has a new CD, titled "I Like Men- Reflections of Peggy Lee." 

I'm sure you'll love this interview. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Carol Welsman Interview