Ron Carter Interview

Ron Carter is a legendary bassist, composer, arranger, author & educator.

He was a member of Miles Davis' classic quintet in the 60s & he has over 2500 recordings  to his credit with many of the giants of jazz. He has received many awards including the Grammy & is considered by most to be the most outstanding bassist of this decade.

In our interview Ron talks about the importance of jazz education. Just listening to the great Ron Carter is an education in & of itself.

He returns to St. Louis, Mo. after many years with his Golden Striker Trio for the 8th Annual Greater St Louis Jazz Festival at The University of Missouri-St. Louis.


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Nancy Marano Interview

Nancy Maranon is one the best jazz vocalists & her newest release is already being considered as one of the best of this year.

Listen to this interview & hear Nancy talk about her musical history & her uncompromising principles for performing & teaching students.

Her new release is a diverse delight which showcases her talent & every tune is MAGICal. I have been a fan of hers for many years & all of her CDs are special but MAGIC is my all-time favorite. 

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Sean Sullivan Interview

SEAN Sullivan is wonderful singer-guitarist who is based in New York. He is diversified in so many ways as he explains in our interview from his personal background to the styles he mixes with jazz, blues, bossa & his own compositions along with his one of a kind interpretation of the Great American Songbook.

How refreshing it is to find a young male singer to keep our music alive & fresh who has his own fabulous sound rather than trying to sound like somebody else.

Listen to our interview & his debut recording SQUARE ONE & you will hear this musician-singer put his whole heart & soul in everything he does.

A special treat is hearing the great musicians behind Sean especially the Late David "Fathead" Newman.

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Kristin Korb Interview

Kristin Korb is a young, talented & beautiful bass player, vocalist, arranger, composer & teacher.

I have enjoyed her music for several years but seeing her in person on the recent Jazzdagen Arbors Jazz Alive Cruise gave me an even greater appreciation of her multi-talented abilities. This lady can swing with the best of them.

Listen to my interview with her & you will agree that the future of jazz is in good hands.

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Shepley Metcalf Interview

Shepley Metcalf's debut recording is SOMETHING IRRESISTIBLE Songs of Fran Landesman & Simon Wallace. Shepley's beautiful voice combined with these fun less familiar songs  are "cool" & "hip".

Finding Shepley is a delightful discovery that I want to share with you.

I hope you'll listen to my interview with great Jazz vocalist Shepley Metcalf.


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Brothers Lazaroff Gives 'Em What They Need

Brothers Lazaroff recently celebrated the release of their new CD titled "Give 'Em What They Need".

We are pleased to share the title track, recorded at Lola in the Saint Louis downtown Loft District. Check out the "Free Jazz" in the middle and toward the end of this track.

Brothers Jeff and Dave are the Riverfront Times' 2010 Music Awards winner as Best American/Folk Band in St. Louis!

We wish Brothers Lazaroff much success! 



Thanks to HECTV for this rare video of Stephanie Trick playing her piano at home prior to our interview with her for I LOVE JAZZ on HECTV.

This RISING STAR OF JAZZ has been at numerous jazz festivals around the world & will appear with the piano greats at the upcoming 3rd Arbors Invitational in January 2011.

We are proud indeed to present Stephanie once again on

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Ralph Sutton & Ruby Braff---One More Time For The Final Time

This is the final never before released video of Ralph Sutton & Ruby Braff at The 1988 Mid-America Jazz Festival in St Louis, Mo.

This video is being released here on the web page before being placed on our fan page or UTube as a way of showing our appreciation for your support & friendship.

More unreleased video clips from our Mid-America Festival & Arbors Jazz Parties collection will be released in the future.

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Ralph Sutton & Ruby Braff---One More Time

Our next to last never before released video clip of R&R at The Mid-America Jazz Festival in St. Louis, Mo. in 1988 has Milt Hinton & Gus Johnson joining in the fun doing DINAH. I recorded most every festival although the quality improved with age. I recommend the Arbors Records DVD of R&R Together which does not have this clip along with the 2 others seen here before & 1more which will be released soon here before anywhere else.

Enjoy the good old days with 4 of the giants of jazz.

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Jazz Meets The Classics---Again !

Our interviews with Stephanie & The Classical Jazz Quartet in past weeks (available below) reveal renewed interest in Jazz Meets The Classics.

In this video Stephanie Trick is once again seen at her concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St Louis, Mo.

This concert has now been released on CD-STEPHANIE TRICK LIVE AT THE SHELDON CONCERT HALL & is available at her website.

Enjoy ANITRA'S DANCE as performed by this young, talented, dedicated & charming musician.

Thanks for watching & listening to I LOVE JAZZ on HECTV & LIVE365.COM

We appreciate your support & comments. 

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Jazz meets the classics when Michael Silverman & his quartet released their newest CD-CLASSICAL JAZZ QUARTET.

I first heard this wonderful group at their 1st performance when they called themselves BACH TO THE FUTURE.

Our interview with Michael explores the wonders of mixing great Classical music with Jazz.

Satchmo said "There are only two kinds of music-good & bad"

This, my friends is GOOD music.

They will be in performance at the FOCAL POINT in Maplewood, Mo. on Friday October 29 for JAZZ FUSION NIGHT.

You can hear clips from their new CD-CLASSICAL JAZZ QUARTET on our I LOVE JAZZ SHOW on LIVE365.COM

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Stephanie performs LIZA from her solo concert, which is now issued on her new CD release: STEPHANIE TRICK LIVE AT THE SHELDON CONCERT HALL. You can purchase this & her previous CDs on her website.

Stephanie is featured in our RISING STAR IN JAZZ segment on I LOVE JAZZ on HECTV. You can follow the link on this web page to see this & all past shows on HECTV.ORG

We will provide more videos of this concert in future weeks.

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Our HALLOWEEN PARTY will be featured on next friday's I LOVE JAZZ internet show on LIVE365.COM

We look forward this week to our interview with Mike Silverman to talk about the CLASSIC JAZZ QUARTET new CD release & their upcoming performance at the Focal Point in Maplewood, Mo. on friday Oct. 29, 2010.

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