Natalie Cressman Interview

Natalie Cressman (Link to Interview) is a beautiful, young & talented singer, trombonist & composer. Her debut release is Natalie Cressman & Secret Garden UNFOLDING. Natalie plays in a variety of musical styles & her versatility  for her new music results in diverse musical pleasure. She is a great improviser & she brings youth & excitement to to the music scene for young & old alike. Wait till you hear her rendition of honeysuckle rose. Fats would have loved it & so do we. Jazz is alive & well & Natalie Cressman is proof thereof.
Don Wolff
I Love Jazz
LoudCity & HECTV

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Mary Bogue Interview

Mary Bogue's debut release is "Don't Go To Strangers" & after you listen to it & her-she will no longer be a stranger. Her unique style comes from her heart & soul to yours. Each song has a story & she tells a few of them in this interview.

Mary says " Once you share a dream, you're no longer strangers-only like-spirited souls who have yet to meet."

So come along with me & meet MARY BOGUE.


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Norm Drubner Interview

Norm Drubner is, for us, a newly discovered singer that has released his new CD-YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG. Its full of standards performed in a fresh simple yet pleasing sound that will make you feel so young-again.

Norm was a lawyer turned singer who now inspires all of us would be singers to follow their dream while there is still time.
Enjoy the interview, and Enjoy the music!

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Ellen Kaye Interview !


Our 1st interview in some time features talented, lovely, exciting, & so much fun to listen to on her CDs & here--Ellen Kaye.

Ellen's new release is a big hit on the national charts & for good reason.

You will enjoy 3AM the dogs, the milkman & me for many reasons. Not the least is her beautiful voice & sensitive delivery-her choice of eclectic material-& you can't help but have fun & enjoy Ellen as she shares her humor & enjoyment in what she does.

Ellen Kaye is "delicious"!

Listen & learn for yourself!

Ellen Kaye Interview

Interview with Carol Welsman on this Thanksgiving Eve

Hope all of you are enjoying the runup to Thanksgiving!

Today I had the great pleasure to share a few moments with Carol Weisman, who has a new CD, titled "I Like Men- Reflections of Peggy Lee." 

I'm sure you'll love this interview. Enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Carol Welsman Interview

Laura Wolfe Interview !

Check out an outstanding interview with the great Laura Wolfe.  She is really considered a triple threat, combining her dancing, singing and acting. Was really a pleasure to spend some time with her recently, and to share this great interview with you! You can see her website here!

Laura Wolfe Interview

Gregory Generet Interview

Recently , I had the pleasure to interview the great jazz vocalist Gregory Generet. He has a cool, rich voice and it is a pleasure to hear his performances. In addition to checking out this interview, check out a review of his cleverly titled debut CD, (re) generet-ion  Check out his Facebook Page, where you can keep in touch and get his performance schedule!

Gregory Generet Interview

Ray Brown, Jr Interview


It was with great pleasure that i had the privelege to join in conversations with Ray Brown, Jr recently. Our conversation was quite a joy, and we got to talk about his new cd, Friends and Family.  It was great speaking about his great upbringing and the need to focus on high morals and to be respectful to other people. He discuss his appreciation of quality music, and how his musical style has evolved over time, from pop to jazz.   Ray spoke of how he was propelled into music, through Rock and Rhythm and Blues.  He spoke of his enjoyment and the challenge of jazz and making it his own. Ray has a very relaxed and personal style that is great! We sure hope you enjoy this great interview with such a pleasant and fantastic artist! Finally, we've been able to share this great interview with you, our great Jazz lovers.  We had some difficulty with our website which prevented this interview from being uploaded, and finally these issues have been corrected, at least for now.

Ray Brown Jr Interview

Ervin Drake Interview

I had the great pleasure to share some minutes with the great composer and lyricist Ervin Drake, and am happy to share this interview with you. He's had success over many  years, starting in the 40's, and spanning right up to today! Ervin Drake was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1982. I'm sure you will enjoy our conversation!


Ervin Drake Interview

Great Moments with Fran Landesman !

It was my great pleasure to have words and conversation with Fran Landesman, songwriter, poet and great performer!  She met a writer, magazine editor named Jay Landesman.  They moved to St. Louis and with the help of Jay's brother , the opened the famed Crystal Palace in St. Louis, the premier nightclub in the midwest. She's a wonderful perfomer and she has collaborated with, or her songwriting has been recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McCrae, Mabel Mercer, Barbara Streisand, Miles Davis, Dudley Moore, Tom Springfield, Pat Smythe and Georgie Fame in the UK and John SimonBob DoroughSteve AllenRoy Krall and Jason Mculiffe  Hope you enjoy our interview! 

Fran Landesman Interview